IBus 1.5.15 is released

IBus 1.5.15 is now released.
This release has several bug fixes and emoji typing is moved from IBusEngineSimple to IBus Panel.

ibus-1.5.15 is available in Fedora 26.

# dnf update --enablerepo=updates-testing ibus

The same version is also available in Fedora copr for Fedora 25 and 24.

When you type Control-Shift-e key, the emoji typing dialog is launched which I named Emojier.

IBus Emojier

I continue to enhance the features in git master.

  • Control-Shift-e key to launch emoji dialog (1.5.15)
  • Right click on panel icon and “Emoji Dialog” menu item to launch emoji dialog (1.5.15)
  • Customize the shortcut key to launch emoji dialog with ibus-setup (1.5.15)
  • Customize the font name and size on emoji dialog with ibus-setup (1.5.15)
  • Select a language of emoji dictionaries (1.5.15)
  • Space, arrow, PageUp/PageDown and Enter keys to select emoji candidates and categories (1.5.15)
  • Escape key to cancel emoji candidates, delete emoji annotation, or close emoji dialog (1.5.15)
  • Favorite emoji strings can be added in ’emoji-favorites’ key in org.freedesktop.ibus.panel GSettings schema (1.5.15)
  • ibus emoji command for GNOME desktop (1.5.15)
  • arrow and Shift-arrow keys to move the cursor on emoji annotation (master)
  • Inherit theme colors on emoji candidate (master)
  • Control-f, Control-b, Control-n, Control-p, Control-h, Control-e, Control-a for cursor operations (master)
  • Focus on emoji annotation entry by default (master)

Regarding to the ibus build, you can get emoji.json with npm install -g emojione or Fedora provides nodejs-emojione-json package.
You can get emoji annotation files from https://github.com/fujiwarat/cldr-emoji-annotation or Fedora provides cldr-emoji-annotation package.
If you run ./configure --disable-emoji-dict, you need to run make -C ui/gtk3 maintainer-clean-generic and make -C tools maintainer-clean-generic to regenerate *.c files from *.vala.


About fujiwara

I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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