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IBus-Anthy 1.2.4 was Released

Yesterday IBus-Anthy 1.2.4 was released. This is a minor changed release. Fixed thumb-shift key table customization. Fixed key_input_dialog key event and focused label. Fixed a translation. Fixed Hiragana to Katakana with F7 key. Fixed s/python/@PYTHON@/ in libexec scripts. (#1115) … Continue reading

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IBus-Anthy 1.2.3 was Released

Last week IBus-Anthy 1.2.3 was Released. That release includes a small bug fix and also provide a custom key table feature for Romaji, Kana and thumb-shift typing method. Customize Romaji Key Table: Customize Thumb Shift Key Table:

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Fixed IBus build errors.

Upstreamed gobject-introspection patch for a build error below. It seems the latest gobject-introspection needs the more precise definition: g-ir-scanner: warning: Option –strip-prefix has been deprecated; see –identifier-prefix and –symbol-prefix. # /usr/bin/g-ir-compiler –includedir=. –includedir=. –includedir=. \ IBus-1.0.gir -o IBus-1.0.typelib error parsing … Continue reading

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IBus-Anthy new icon

Today upstreamed the new ibus-anthy icon: That has been used since Fedora 13. The previous icon was pulled from Anthy. I would think an icon for specific ibus-anthy to indicate a Japanese input method. Hope it’s a good change ;). … Continue reading

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IBus XKB feature is available in Fedora 14. This feature provides keyboard layouts as input method engines especially for European keyboards. If you run ‘ibus-setup’ command or right click on ibus panel icon, “IBus Preferences” dialog is shown and you … Continue reading

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Hello world!

It’s good time for me to blog about my daily topics. Main topics will be IBus developments and i18n at present :).

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