IBus 1.5.16 is released

IBus 1.5.16 is now released and it’s available in Fedora 26:

# dnf update --enablerepo=updates-testing ibus

Also it’s available in Fedora Copr for Fedora 25.

This release enhanced the functionality of emoji typings on IBus Emojier:

  • Control-f, Control-b, Control-n, Control-p, Control-h, Control-e, Control-a, Control-u for cursor operations
  • Focus on emoji annotation entry by default
  • The language setting of emoji annotations is moved into ibus-setup
  • Man page (ibus-emoji.7) is added
  • ibus emoji command is available for no IBus panel desktops likes GNOME
  • Favorites category is updated by selecting an emoji
  • Change the modal dialog (popup window) to the modeless dialog
  • Insert multiple Unicode points with Shift-space key. E.g. 1f466 Shift-space 1f3fb
  • Provide an option to match emoji annotations with partial match
  • Hide emoji variants by default
  • Enabled custom annotations by gsettings

Currently emoji color rendering is not supported yet but you can enable it with the patched cairo in Fedora Copr.

If you build ibus from the source codes, You can get Unicode emoji files from http://www.unicode.org/Public/emoji/4.0/ or Fedora provides unicode-emoji package. The version 4.0 is recommended since 5.0 is not released officially yet.
You can get emoji annotation files from https://github.com/fujiwarat/cldr-emoji-annotation or Fedora provides cldr-emoji-annotation package.

About fujiwara

I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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