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Advertisement in Shinagawa

Shinagawa/Tokyo Advertisements

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Celebrating 20 Years of Linux

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A volunteer day

The March 11th 2011 Tohoku Earthquake (Great East Japan Earthquake) was the strongest ever recorded in Japan. You know, there are many articles and I don’t have to explain anything else about this. wikipedia Barack Obama I enjoyed one week … Continue reading

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IBus and GNOME-Shell for GNOME 3.0

We integrated the current IBus GTK panel icon on GNOME-Shell for GNOME 3.0. Special thanks to Owen Taylor and Giovanni Campagna who maintain GNOME-Shell! The integration is available with gnome-shell-2.91.93-1.fc15 or later and ibus- in Fedora 15. # yum install … Continue reading

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A Happy New Year

Tokyo Shibuya 2010 Dec. Tokyo Shinagawa 2011 Jan.

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IBus-Anthy 1.2.3 was Released

Last week IBus-Anthy 1.2.3 was Released. That release includes a small bug fix and also provide a custom key table feature for Romaji, Kana and thumb-shift typing method. Customize Romaji Key Table: Customize Thumb Shift Key Table:

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IBus-Anthy new icon

Today upstreamed the new ibus-anthy icon: That has been used since Fedora 13. The previous icon was pulled from Anthy. I would think an icon for specific ibus-anthy to indicate a Japanese input method. Hope it’s a good change ;). … Continue reading

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