IBus XKB feature is available in Fedora 14. This feature provides keyboard layouts as input method engines especially for European keyboards.
If you run ‘ibus-setup’ command or right click on ibus panel icon, “IBus Preferences” dialog is shown and you can add European keyboard layouts in the “Input Method” tab.
The following screen shot shows added French, Russian and US layouts together with other input method engines.
Choose a keyboard layout from input methods list
The default provides the major layouts only and you also can add other layouts, e.g. fr(dvorak), in “Advanced” tab.
Add or remove layouts into 'Select an input method' list
If you’d like to modify the keyboard layout for your input method engine, “System Keyboard Layout Setup” dialog is also available in “Advanced” tab
System Keyboard Layout Setup
The dialog can customize the session keyboard (XKB) layouts, variants and options.

You can install the IBus XKB feature with yum command in Fedora.

# yum install ibus

If you’d like to use Fedora development release:

# yum install --enablerepo=rawhide ibus

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I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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4 Responses to IBus XKB

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  2. Matthew Lee says:

    Is there any way to build this feature into Ubuntu?

  3. fujiwara says:

    Now I’m porting the Fedora feature as ibus-xkb:
    However currently it supports the compose key only without setting keymaps because the setting part is implemented in ibus gtk panel.
    I also will port that feature into ibus-xkb later.

  4. fujiwara says:

    Sorry for the late repose. I was a bit busy for gnome-shell and on vacation.

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