FAD I18N 2017

FAD I18N 2017 was held in Pune India last month. Fedora I18N members met together and there was very exciting and constructive event.

I talked about IBus 1.6 plans there. I’ve been thinking to implement a new ProcessKeyEvent method to support Korean preedit with X11 applications. Peng Wu now provided a patch of ForwardKeyEvent method instead of the new ProcessKeyEvent method. We will ask the maintainer of ibus-hangul to release the new version to use ForwardKeyEvent.


IBus needs the new SetCursorLocation method to support running clients in the multiple screens.


Regarding to migrating DConf to GSettings, I almost give up waiting for GSettingsList and  now thinking to create GSettings schemas directly instead of converting DConf schemas. I.e. GSettings can support various GVariant formats and then we don’t have to add a new key with GSettingsList  but just “av” format could include new elements. Currently I’m working on this task with ibus-anthy and Once succeeded, I’d ask other engines to start the migration.


Before delete the duplicated DBus methods, Qt5 IBus modules have to be migrated to the new DBus methods in libibusplatforminputcontextplugin.so of qt5-qtbase.


One concern is that IBus GTK panel still needs GtkStatusIcon for legacy desktops instead of GNOME desktop but the status of GtkStatusIcon is not clear in GTK 4 or later.


I also talked about IBus automation testings. QE team provides some interesting scripts using Python keyboard. I implemented an IBusEngine testing using GtkEntry in ibus-anthy. Mike Fabian implements an IBusEngine API testing. Now I’m searching how to get focus-in event in GTK during %check of rpmbuild or koji build.


I also talked about desktop automation testings. I could run XFCE4 on console with startxfce4 command. But currently I have no idea to run both X11 and Wayland GNOME on console.


I’d think to implement Unicode names on IBus Emojier for Fedora 28.

Fedora 27 celebration


About fujiwara

I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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