ibus-fbterm enhancement for IBus 1.5

ibus-fbterm 1.0.1 is available now in Fedora 24.

# dnf install --enablerepo=rawhide ibus-fbterm

I have integrated Fedora internal patches in the latest ibus-fbterm.
The enhanced ibus-fbterm has the several features to work with IBus 1.5:

  • Show pre-edit text of input method.
  • Show lookup table of input method.
  • Bind Super-space to switch IBus IMEs(input method engines).
  • Show IME switcher window.
  • Run ‘loadkeys’ command to set XKB.

The man page explains with detail.

You also needs to install ibus and any input method engines likes ibus-anthy.

  1. Run ibus-setup, select “Input Method” tab and configure the IBus input method engines on GUI before go to the console
  2. Reboot the system
  3. Enter ‘e’ to edit the Grub line
  4. Add ‘vga=ask 3’ at the end of the line of “…vmlinuz…” and type Ctrl-x [1]
  5. Type Enter and show the video modes and type a vide mode and Enter [2]
  6. Log into the console with the permission to modify the frame buffer
  7. Run ibus-fbterm
  8. Confirm the configured IBus input method engines with ‘gsettings’ command:

    # gsettings get org.freedesktop.ibus.general preload-engines
  9. Super+space can switch the first two engines and Super+space+space can show the engine list and Enter key can enable the selected engine on the engine list [3]
    IBus engine switcher window on ibus-fbterm
  10. Now you can use the selected IBus engine
    ibus-anthy on ibus-fbterm

ibus-fbterm runs ‘loadkeys’ command to set XKB layout. If you enable ‘xkb:us::eng’ engine, ibus-fbterm runs ‘loadkeys us’.
Typing ‘exit’ can exit the ibus-fbterm.

ibus-fbterm does not use fbterm protocol so that fbterm does not bind Contrl+space and ibus-fbterm does not have the private headers and codes from fbterm. And ibus-fbterm has a limitation with modifiers keys.
I confirmed Super-space and Control-space works fine with ibus-fbterm but other modifiers keys do not work.
I added a workaround if type Escape key, it could bind Shift key. E.g. Escape and space key can generate Shift-space key.

Unfortunately Grub console does not change the keymaps on console and I filed a bug.

[1] The latest Fedora does not enable the frame buffer by default and ‘vga=ask’ can call the VGA setup dialog.
[2] Need a 32bit video mode for the frame buffer. E.g. 1024x768x32
[3] VT mode cannot handle modifiers keys so use Enter key instead of key release.

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I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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