Recently I updated ibus-fbterm to work with ibus 1.5.
My patches are available here:

Now the patched ibus-fbterm 0.9.1-22 is available in Fedora 21 or later.
For installation:

# dnf install --enablerepo=updates-testing ibus-fbterm
# rpm -q ibus-fbterm

For upgrade:

# dnf update --enablerepo=updates-testing ibus-fbterm
# rpm -q ibus-fbterm

You also needs to install ibus and any input method engines likes ibus-anthy.

  1. Reboot the system
  2. Enter ‘e’ to edit the Grub line
  3. Add ‘3’ at the end of the line of “…vmlinuz…” and type Ctrl-x.
  4. Log into the console with the permission to modify the frame buffer
  5. Run ibus-fbterm-launch
  6. Type Ctrl+space
  7. Run ibus engine $your_engine

This example enables ibus-anthy.
Ctrl+space is bound by fbterm and it toggles to enable and disable the engine.
Probably I will think to import ibus-fbterm to ibus core since the web page of ibus-fbterm is no response.

About fujiwara

I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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