New input-pad is released

input-pad and ibus-input-pad are released as a unstable version. [1]

If you use Fedora 20 or later, the new packages are available in updates-testing repository.

# yum install –enablerepo=updates-testing input-pad ibus-input-pad

Mainly the new releases support GTK3:

  • Migrate GtkWindow to GtkApplicationWindow and GtkApplication, GtkTable to GtkGrid, GtkToggleButton to GAction
  • Changed the static GtkBuilder files to the resource files.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.

Now input-pad shows the custom character table only by default (previously virtual keyboard was also shown together.) and could make each character button much smaller in the table.

Smaller input-pad

input-pad also includes the Emoji table newly.

If you use Fedora, google-android-emoji-fonts package might be needed to show many Emoji characters. If you use Ubuntu, ttf-ancient-fonts package might be needed.

Emoji table on input-pad

Also I integrated a custom viewport to show a huge number of characters in Unicode table and a scroll adjustment in the scrolled window.

custom viewport and stepper in input-pad

[1] is no longer available for the new releases and please use the release link in above.

About fujiwara

I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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