ibus-anthy status icon

The current IBus shows engine icon statically but Japanese IMEs have some input modes; Hiragana, Katanaka, Eisu and so on and Japanese users frequently switch Hiragana and English modes.

Unfortunately GtkStatusIcon does not support the multiple icons while GNOME applet does it. (The applet APIs depend on the desktops; XFCE, LXDE, KDE).

In MS-Windows 8, most IMEs switch engines likes ‘US’ layout and Chinese engines by default but Japanese MS-IME switches the internal modes instead and then zh Windows shows two icons; mode icon and engine icon; but ja Windows shows one icon; mode icon by default.

I have tried to suggest to update ibus icon by input modes several times but still not succeeded it. The main argument is that other IMEs could have the several modes besides input modes.

If GtkStatusIcon could support the multiple icons in a dock this problem can be resolved but maybe difficult since now GNOME is moving to Wayland.

At the moment, I added an internal patch in ibus-anthy to show another icon for the input modes in Fedora 19 or later.

IBus-Anthy input mode

The input mode icon does not have the icon activate menu.

The four patches are available in the input-mode branch in my github.com.


  • Added another status icon for input mode.
  • Updated translations.
  • Fix to unref pixbuf when propery icon is unrefed.
  • Fix None object has clear() in input mode icon. (#1097364)

I’d still think ibus provides one icon and the icon also can change the input modes will address it later.

About fujiwara

I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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2 Responses to ibus-anthy status icon

  1. The built-in menu bar item for keyboard switching in GNOME shell switches between language codes, displaying the actively-selected language code (eg in my case, “en” vs “ie”). Any possibility to do it the way that one was doe

    • fujiwara says:

      Yes, gnome-shell shows the language codes on the keyboard indicator and also shows the input modes on the same indicator and the same way is the my suggestion for non-gnome-shell.
      However it could confuse people input modes by language codes.
      MS-Windows provide the embedded icons in a doc in the status area, which can keep the icon order likes gnome-applets.

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