IBus XIM Compose Key

Now IBus supports XIM compose keys. ibus-xkb owns the hard-coded XIM data.
IBus also supports the ISO 14755 (Unicode hex codes).
The module ibus-xkb is the part of Fedora IBus and I’m porting the features into ibus-xkb.
I put the demo here:

The compose feature does not depend on the client applications; GTK, QT, X11 applications.

The demo file is generated by gnome-shell. Control+Shift+Alt+R keybinding can start/stop to record desktop :).

About fujiwara

I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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1 Response to IBus XIM Compose Key

  1. Carsten B. says:

    If XIM’s hardcoded, where would I put my own compose-key combinations, though? E.g. I remapped the breve to u (e.g. Compose + u + a → ă), and the háček to v (e.g. Compose + v + s → š) because that’s an easier mnemonic for me. I think it would make sense to check whether there’s a ~/.XCompose already and use that before applying the built-in combinations? I’ve not checked whether that’s already done, though, but so far IBUS’s overriding of my ~/.XCompose has been a reason for me to stay away from IBUS and rather use UIM.

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