IBus show frequent languages only

Recently I integrated ibus- in Fedora 15.
It includes the several bug fixes:

  • 697471 – Whenever restarts ibus, ibus-gconf and ibus-engine-hangul process become zombie.
  • 696510 – need a dependency in ibus-gtk3 for imsettings-gnome
  • 696481 – ibus does not show all the variant maps for any layout
  • 696379 – Cannot enable Korean Input Method.

I also integrated the feature of “show frequent languages only” in ibus-setup.

After I integrated ibus xkb feature, some folks asked the list of the languages is too long and I integrated this feature. ibus-setup shows the languages only based on the current locale with this feature and it also can shows all languages if you click “Show all languages”:

The configuration is defined in /etc/gconf/schemas/ibus.schemas. E.g.

      <locale name="C">
        <short>List of European languages on ibus-setup</short>
<long>ibus-setup shows the languages only in input method list
                  when you run ibus-setup on one of the languages.
                  Other languages are hidden under an extended button.</long>

I.e. If you run ibus-setup on de_DE.UTF-8, the above languages are shown by default.

About fujiwara

I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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