A Happy New Year

Tokyo Shibuya 2010 Dec.
Tokyo Shibuya 2010 Dec image1
Tokyo Shibuya 2010 Dec image2

Tokyo Shinagawa 2011 Jan.
Tokyo Shinagawa 2011 Jan. image1
Tokyo Shinagawa 2011 Jan image2

About fujiwara

I'm an open-sourced desktop i18n developer.
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One Response to A Happy New Year

  1. David Ramsey says:

    Fujiwara-san, fantastic! 🙂

    At both Shibuya and Shinagawa Stations. 🙂

    Hey, what about Ebisu? May be a meeting “party get together” at the Sapporo Beer Garden would be a great start. 😀

    The Shinagawa location looks like it is between the JR section and the Atre, is that right? 🙂

    Keep up the great work, Red Hat!!! 🙂


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